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Pink Lake Road Neoprene Designs

Learn more about each of the elements in our one of a kind, Pink Lake Road patterns. All of the designs you see on our neoprene products have been passionately created by our artist, by hand, before  being digitally prepared for print. The products such as the picnic blanket and play mat are double sided  - featuring your chosen design on one side, as well as a reversible option with our black and white signature Pink Lake Road shell pattern on the reverse.
To care for your unique Pink Lake Road neoprene products, you can simply hose them down, or cold machine wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry in the shade. Not suitable for the dryer as the heat may distress the product.

The Blue Dhufish

A design as unique to Western Australia, as the Dhufish it is dedicated to, this pattern is a calming blue, like the oceans that border us and the skies that invite us to explore. Dive in to our Blue Dhufish design, surrounded by visions of whale sharks, bluebone groper, the painted crayfish, darting blue swimmer crab and the patient pelican.

Kingfisher Blue

The Kingfisher Blue encapsulates so much that makes Australia beautiful within its design, you’ll spend more time searching for all of the hidden gems on your picnic blanket, than looking at the surrounds you find yourself in! The bright stories of earth, air, and water, told by the coral, crocodile skin, wagtails and ocean bloom patterns, and of course the signature kingfisher – what other Australian treasures can you spot?

Pink Wattle

Be tickled pink by our pink wattle design – a flora filled art piece dotted with the ever popular protea and the gift of promise in gum blossoms. Sit amongst the vibrant celebration of native florals with the laughing kookaburra and the impassive pelican by bringing home one of our neoprene products with the pink wattle design today.

Coral Crayfish

Immerse yourself in the coral crayfish design from Pink Lake Road, and discover the wonder of our magical flora and fauna. In this design, you will find the iconic Sturt Desert Pea and Geraldton wax flowers that bring pops of colour to our winters, patchworked with the dancing willie wagtail and the cheeky seagull you are bound to meet on your seaside picnic.

Emerald Boab

The fascinating boab tree is surrounded by equally as captivating creatures in this emerald style design. The elegant leafy sea dragon, elusive barramundi and the curious lotus bird aren’t the only friendly locals you will find on this Pink Lake Road story telling design. Who else will you discover on your next adventure?

Golden Coast

The Golden Coast design on a Neoprene product, a palette of yellows, greens and oranges, and geometric patterns representing the flora and fauna of the ocean


 The latest hand drawn design to join the Pink Lake Road neoprene products, is Golden Coast, with a palette of colours from yellows and oranges to warm pinks and soft greens, you instantly feel the warm sun of beach days simply by looking at it. Its design celebrates the flora and fauna of ocean life with intricately lined shells, the wispy floating jellyfish and the hardy seaside blooms, set against geometric patterns to catch the eye.