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Caring For Your Neoprene Product

At Pink Lake Road, we love creating Australian Lifestyle Products from neoprene because of the easy clean, durable and versatile nature of the material. To get the most out of your neoprene product, and to use it on many adventures to come in our beautiful Australian backyard, follow these easy care tips.


  • Rinse after use - once you're home from the beach or your playdate, pop your neoprene mats on the line, and hose them down, leaving to air dry in the shade. This is a fun job for the kids!
  • Always make sure your neoprene product is completely dry before folding and storing - this shouldn't take long, as neoprene is a quick drying fabric, making it perfect for Aussie adventuring like a week at the beach when you're forever packing and unpacking your neoprene oversize tote!
  • If there's been a spill, don't scrub, instead apply some mild detergent to the problem area, leave it to soak for a few minutes, and then gently hand wash until the suds are gone. We recommend Sard Wonder Soap for stubborn stains. 
  • Bag or blanket getting a little funky? Kids spilled food onto your neoprene carseat cover? Simply pop it in the washing machine, on a cold wash, gentle cycle - no spin with a mild detergent, and hang in the shade to air dry
  • Neoprene does not love chlorine - if you're storing wet swimmers in your oversize tote after being at the pool, make sure you rinse the bag as well as the bathers when you get home to expand the lifespan of them both!
  • Find some shade - stat! Just like your skin, neoprene is not made for long term exposure to UV - our bright Aussie sun will fade your bright Aussie picnic blanket if continually left outdoors and not packed away after use. 
  • Want some extra protection? You can scotch guard your neoprene products, and keep them away from sharp edges that could scratch the fabric. 


Happy adventuring!


A neoprene tote bag is on display  A person sits on a neoprene picnic blanket at the beach, designed by Pink Lake Road